Hydrotherapy is very different from swimming in a pool. In hydrotherapy, by adjusting the water temperature to 33 to 36 degrees Celsius and creating resistance and speed by using water flow and electric treadmill, the therapist can help to rehabilitate the injured person. The presence of the therapist with the injured person during the whole period of hydrotherapy and using ozone system for health issues  creates a good feeling and security in each person individually.


Rehabilitation Spinal cord injuries
Improve cardiovascular strength
Rehabilitation after stroke
Recovery after exercise
The treatment of low back pain

Help treat osteoarthritis of the knee
Rehabilitation after knee and wrist injuries
Rehabilitation after muscle injuries
Weight loss
​​​​​​​Rehabilitation after knee replacement

water heat relaxes the muscles and reduces pain and allows the injured person to exercise properly.
The water force reduces the pressure caused by the weight on the joints and increases the range of motion.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​The resistance created by the force of the water increases the strength of the muscles.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

Ankle sprain 
With hydrotherapy , the body experiences a 60% weight loss, which is very useful for rehabilitating and repairing damaged limbs such as the ankle.
Leg and knee injuries

Replacement of hip joints
Elderly patients after hip replacement can rehabilitate to manage pain and rehabilitation by walking in hot water through hydrotherapy
Weight management 

training in water   promotes health.
Spinal cord injuries

Low-speed  walking  in water  allow patients to take the first steps to heal the injured areas in an aqueous environment and under complete control.
Cardiovascular and respiratory exercise
Exercises  in water can improve cardiovascular strength and endurance. And water pressure as the main elements along with the right water temperature can be effective for fitness and muscle building and increase cardiovascular efficiency.
Nerovascular system
Stroke patients and people with other neurological diseases can rehab  in the aquatic environment

Some of the benefits of using hydrotherapy: