Beta1 Therapy

Beta 1 technology  (device that induces and regulates magnetic waves in the brain) is able to change billions of neurons (neuronal stimulation) in the brain at the moment of activity and return them to normal functional state.   the device can be used for about 20 minutes to half an hour (depending on the protocol) and with 20 to 30 sessions of use , the desired lasting results can be achieved.

 This device has four protocols :
beta, alpha, theta and delta. (according to the choice of doctor or operator).


This device is used non-invasively without the use of any chemicals or oral medication and injection through non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions by safe protocols, for the following:

-   Increase concentration 

-   Increase attention 

-   Improve mental function Athletes

-   Improve language learning

-   Improve sleep

-  Reduce stress and anxiety 

-  Help treat hyperactivity 

-  Help treat migraines

-  Increase creativity

Approval of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

.   FDA Approval - QSR 21 - CFR 820. 

.   EEC Class 1 certification 93-42-EEC in accordance with EU Medical Devices Act. 

.   Approval of Alborz University of Medical Sciences Department of Psychiatry. 

.   European Medical CE Certificate.

.  Internal patent certificate.

.   International certification ISO 13485 (for medical )

.   Approval of Laboratory of Cognitive Sciences, University of Tehran.

.   Confirmation of Shahid Beheshti University Cognitive Sciences Research Institute