Psychological tests

Psychological tests are valid tools that are used to examine in more detail the abilities, talents, personality traits, mental health, lifestyle, strengths and possible weaknesses of people in life. Psychological tests can be used as a valid tool along with diagnostic interviews in diagnosis and educational / therapeutic planning and can be very useful for individual and collective self-fulfillment. These tests have different classifications depending on the type of use they have, and each test may be used to examine a specific problem or several specific topics. Some of these tests are general and some are very specialized and are used only in certain areas.

 In the psychology department of Iranmall Sports Medicine Clinic, we offer various types of specialized and general psychological tests to the esteemed clients. One of these areas is sports psychology. The tests used in this area, although they may have other uses in some cases, are specifically designed to examine the specific characteristics of athletes and champions. The Sports Psychology Department of Iranmall Sports Medicine Clinic, based on the latest scientific and research findings in the field of standard assessments of  psychology and sports psychology, has prepared specialized tests to examine the unique characteristics of athletes, champions and others. . These tests are able to examine various issues with very high credibility such as personality traits, accuracy and focus, intelligence, spatial visualization ability, learning ability, orientation, predictive power, endurance ability, motivation, desire, ability Leadership, commitment and… in athletes. The results of these tests are used to improve and improve the athletic performance of champions and athletes and other people, as well as to solve possible problems.